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Modest Fashion

Posted on April 12 2018

Redefining Modest Fashion

Over the past few years, hijabi fashion seems to emerge in the fashion world, with brands targeting a new demographic market: Muslim women and others who dress conservatively. Somewhat due to the influence of social media, fashion companies slowly sense this untapped consumer market, and start to embrace modest styles, such as covered-up silhouettes, long skirts and dresses. Modest fashion is now everywhere. However, what does modest fashion exactly mean? Often times than not, modest fashion is often associated with religious and religion-ethnic desires. This misconception tends to lead people away from what modest fashion really is. It is an aesthetic, a fashion style, that describes varying levels of covering up on purpose. It is about being comfortable in the layers of clothing, and not have to be tied to spirituality. 

To those who embrace modest clothing and want to look for more options, we've gathered some pieces from Reina Valentina for you to shop. This one is for you, ladies, no matter your religion or ethnicity.

Fiesta Wanderess

Dress by Fresha. Scarf by stylist's own.

Dress by English Factory. Trousers by FRNCH. Scarf by Stylist's own.

Dress by SS. Skirt by BLVD.

Lala Land

Jacket and shirt by Jovanna London. Trousers by Lucy Paris.

Shirt by Six Crisp Days. Trousers by FRNCH.

Jacket and trousers by C/MEO. Turban by Reina Valentina.

Western Front

Jacket by KERISMA. Dress by Six Crisp Days. Scarf by stylist's own. 

Dress by J.O.A. Shirt from M Rena. Scarf by stylist's own.

Shirt by Endless Rose. Trousers by Lucy Paris. Scarf by stylist's own.

Into the Mystic

Dress by Renamed. Turban by Reina Valentina.

Dress by Lucca Couture. Scarf by stylist's own.

Dress by Fresha. Scarf by stylist's own. 

Romantic Poet

Shirt by Endless Rose. Trousers by Reina Valentina.

Jacket by Keepsake the Label. Dress by Fifth Label.

Shirt by Endless Rose. Trousers by M Rena.

     I think a lot of women aren't necessarily aware that the clothes could be seen as 'modest fashion.' It's just a style that resonates with them.

by Hana Tajima


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